Human Behavior Inference via Analyzing Record-and-Replay Logs

Human-in-the-loop has been an extremely important factor to consider in cybersecurity analysis. For example, most APTs start with social engineering to help the adversary gather target information. However, it is a difficult problem remaining unsolved, mainly due to the fact that human behaviors are hard to predict and trace. The purpose of this project is to develop a novel technique to infer such non-deterministic user/human behaviors. We plan to use a record-and-replay system which can faithfully reproduce the execution of the whole system and program executions by lightweight logging for data collection, and relationship inference and causal analysis techniques inspired by the existing artificial intelligence community for human behavior inference. This work is done under direction of Prof. Shiqing Ma.

Trustworthy Data-Driven Framework for Location Based Online-to-Offline Commerce

Developing a trustworthy management framework for LBO2O commerce platforms is essential for ensuring social inclusion and equity of future O2O workers in the era of AI because the impacts of biased decisions are likely to be concentrated in some sub-communities of workers, leading to the social inequality. This work was advised by Prof. Mary Rigdon, in relation to an NSF application.

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RPL7 Silencing Effect on Neurite Development

This study is intended to continue ongoing experiments concerning RPL7 and its role in neocortical development in the embryo. Specifically, this experiment examines neuron morphology between control groups and RPL7 knockdown groups at DIV4 and DIV8. This study was done under direction of Prof. Mladen-roko Rasin.

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Work & Skills

I am an experienced software developer with knowledge & skill of C, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL, OCaml, Spring, Vue.js, Flask, Laravel, etc.

Laboratory for Computer Science Research, Rutgers

Software Developer, 2019 Summer & Fall

  • Maintained and reworked core facets of the Mendelian, a genetic data representation and storage system.
  • Implemented new features, including a comprehensive dataset aggregation and versioning manager.

Enterprise Application Service, Rutgers

Software Developer Intern, 2017 Fall to 2019 Spring

  • Supported Sakai, Rutgers Learning Management System.
  • Prototyped Rutgers Scholars web application with Scopus APIs.

Bernardsville Township First Aid Squad

EMT, 2017 to now

  • Practiced critical medical knowledge concerned with emergency care as a volunteer member for the community.
  • Trained fellow EMTs and organized drills on a weekly basis covering a wide variety of information and scenarios.

Education & Awards

Rutgers University, B.S., Computer Science Major & Cognitive Science Minor, GPA 3.92

Rutgers Trustee Scholars, Henry Rutgers Scholarship, SAS Excellence Award


Through the years, I have been invovled in various projects with some demo-able ones below.

LL(1) Parser

This is an effort to evaluate JavaScript for its support for functional programming. Its core parser code is ported from my original OCaml implementation, almost line by line match, with minimum tweaking. It demonstrates JavaScript's capabilities. (It was originally a class assignment, taught by Professor Zheng Zhang.)

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This is another AI course project to implement Partially Observable Markov Decision Process algorithm. The game follows the similar rules as the Minimax game above, except that each player only knows what pieces its oppont has but NOT their locations. Instead, they can observe and update their beliefs about locations of opponent's pieces. The initial locations of all pieces are known. For demo purpose, the fog checkbox is turned off to show all pieces.

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